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Canadian Snowbird Makes Emergency Landing At Comox


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Snowbird Makes Emergency Landing At Comox

Snowbird Makes Emergency Landing At CFB Comox
Canadian Snowbird Jet Makes Emergency Landing
© Arlene Longson April 18/2002

While engaged in exercises preparing for this year's Abbotsford Airshow, a snowbird pilot experienced some sort of mechanical problem and had to make an emergency landing at CFB Comox military base Wednesday April 17/2002 at 11:20 am.
Within approximately 2 minutes of landing four airport fire trucks dispatched to the location of the jet on the runway.Several other military vehicles arrived with personel to assess the danger of fire.
After fire was ruled out the snowbird was hooked up to a miltary tow vehicle and was quickly pulled off the runway to a maintenance hanger.
The pilot appeared uninjured and remained in the cockpit with the canopy in the open position as it was being towed.
Arlene Longson