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Canada On Brink Of Terror Attacks Due To U.S. Alliance


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Are Canadians At Risk For Terror Attacks For
Playing "Little Brother" To The United States?

What will be the price to Canadians for their military support of the United States in it's war in the middle east?
Does Canada have the ablity to stand by it's american friends and survive the the consequences of doing so?
What are the actual implications?

Why is the canadian government so willing to place it's citizens at risk, and spend money it doesn't have to support a country who's citizens believe that Canadians are rednecks living in igloos?

And if Canada becomes the target of terrorism in response to it's alliance with the U.S., would President Bush do anything to help?

The reality of those questions seem to elude the Canadian government. What, with a mere 80 F18 fighter jets in the canadian fleet, and a scant dozen or so of those jets actually seated with pilots, how can anyone forsee Canada defending itself amidst the U.S. demands that it step up it's Canada/U.S. patrols along one of the longest and least protected borders in the world?

By: A. Longson