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Queen Gives Royal Nod To Eliminate Diana?


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Why Did It Take Two Hours For
Ambulance To Reach Hospital?


Princess Diana Accident
Site In Paris Tunnel

Diana's ambulance ride took between one and two hours to travel 6 kilometers, 4 miles, to hospital. Why has no one focused on this platform of inquiry?

Witnesses stated driver, Henri Paul, was not consuming alcohol or intoxicated, which contradicts later claims.
Trevor Rees-Jones (Diana's bodyguard) was quoted as saying Diana was conscious after the crash and cried out for Dodi Fayed, who was already dead. He also maintained the chauffeur, who was found to be three times over the French drunk-driving limit, was not visibly drunk when they left the Ritz Hotel.
The account bore similarities to statements by Al Fayed, (Dodi's father) the multimillionaire owner of the London department store Harrods.

The reality is that Princess Diana was not dead after the accident. She was very much alive and talking.
Was this information later tampered with?

The hospital to which she was taken, Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, was 4 miles (6 kilometers) from the accident, occurring after midnight on a holiday weekend, with many away and the city streets quiet.

There has been no focus by the media on the at minimum, one hour, ambulance ride to travel 4 miles.

Diana slipped into death during the ridiculously long ambulance ride to the hospital, accompanied by a physician to boot. If her pulmonary artery was injured as claimed, she would have literally died within seconds, and would have been in a coma at the very minimum, albeit brief!

Le Parisien and Reuters reported that during the ambulance trip, the ambulance stopped to give her a massive injection of adrenaline. Why would an ambulance have to stop moving through traffic to implememnt this procedure? Bizarre at best! Later on, the hospital asserted Diana received no injection of adrenaline during the ambulance ride.What did transpire? What happened during an inordinate one hour trip with a VIP on board?

Le Parisien and Reuters further reported that the Interior Minister, Jean-Pierre Chevenement, and the police chief for Paris, France, Phillippe Massoni, two of the most powerful figures in the land, were mystified about the whereabouts of the ambulance due to its failure to reach the hospital within a resonable amount of time.Was this physician put in place by the Queen or Prince Charles? Did Diana linger longer than had orininally been hoped? Were they under orders not to arrive at the hospital so as to ensure the proper people were in place to finish the job?

Assuming that ambulances in Paris, France in 1997 have radios or phones, answer why two men, among the most powerful in France, couldn't pick up a telephone and get an answer to the mystery.

Further, consider why an ambulance with the princess of Whales onboard was sent without a police escort!

Why isn't the media or the Queen herself actively and aggressively pursuing this important matter? If a parent found out it took one hour for an ambulance with his or her child to travel four miles after midnight to a hospital, would the parent be justified in being quite angry and entitled to know what happened. If that child was Prince William, would the focus of the inquiry be different than it apparently is with Diana? Would the English newspapers, and others throughout the world, declare: 'One Hour to Get to the Hospital!'

With billions of people throughout the planet interested in Diana's death and the cause thereof, it is a deep mystery as to why the focus of investigators and media circumvent this critical area of inquiry, which paradoxically seemed to be a mystery to the French Interior Minister and the Police Chief of Paris as well.

Why did Prince Charles, the one person who despised Diana and was trying to destroy her through scandal, and justify his lifelong affair with Camilla Parker Bowls have to be the one person to pick up her body and escort it back to Britain? Diana didn't seem to need a police escort in the ambulance, yet after death she needed the Prince Of Whales to ride with her body? And don't we know that if The Royals WANTED to find a little white Fiat, they of all people in the world, could do it?

Did Camilla and Charles have a previous arrangement that Charles would please the queen and honor his duties by providing and heir and a spare? And how many abortions was Diana forced to have before she produced "only sons?"

It was no secret that Charles' affair was going on prior to, during, and after the wedding. The world was well aware of Charles' taste for the horrendous looking woman.
It would have been completely unacceptable for Charles to have children with Camilla. Is it entirely likely that he could have had plans to later remove Diana, any way he could? Was Diana a walking dead woman the moment the royal family laid eyes on her? Was she chosen to produce sons, and then expire?

Mohamed Al Fayed (Dodi's father) repeatedly tried to gain British citizenship and was turned down. Was the queen so afraid that this egyptian family would somehow get close to the two little princes, that she kept tabs on Diana? And did the queen not only learn of Dodi and Diana's engagement, but also learn that Diana may have been preganant with his child,and the obvious implications of that were intolerable?
A collective report by four top pathologists have declared in legal documents, that it is highly unusual to commence any embalming on a body prior to autopsy. They cite that in cases where pregnancy tests were required, any embalming would more than likely offer a positive result. So why was Diana partially embalmed in the Paris hospital before any post mortem?

Did The queen's secret service collect Diana's urine from toilets and test it frequently for preganancy? And was the emblaming done before any tests could be performed so as to create the illusion that it was indeed the embalming procedure that caused a false positive test for pregnancy?

Did the royals know in advance that Diana was pregnant, and in order to cover up that fact they needed to create another reason for a positive pregancy test? This would be a well planned, calculated scheme, which could only have been carried out by someone very, very, high in authority? For who would dare to embalm a princess without license to do so?

By A. Longson

Egyptian lawyer is suing the Queen and Prime Minister Tony Blair for damages, alleging they conspired to kill Diana, Princess of Wales, because she was in love with a Muslim.

The BBC reports the case is expected to be heard in a Cairo court in January 1998.

Lawyer Nabih Alwahsi is seeking damages of $170,000 from both the Queen and Mr Blair.

He says they plotted to murder the Princess because they were embarrassed by her love affair with an Egyptian Muslim.

He also says the British establishment was determined to prevent a Muslim from becoming step-father to the future King.

In his deposition, Mr Alwahsi said he thought England was the champion of democracy and religious freedom and he was so disillusioned after the accident, only a court case could ease his psychological pain.

The case has already been delayed once by the judge so British officials in Cairo could have time to inform authorities in London. However, they do not appear to have bothered.

A British spokesman in Cairo says the Embassy has not received any formal notice of the case.

New York Times excerpt:

MOHAMED AL FAYED accused the Duke of Edinburgh of masterminding the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales, Michael Howard, the former Home Secretary, of taking a 1.5 million bribe and Neil Hamilton of hiring "rent boys" during a day of what were described as "wild and groundless" allegations in the High Court.

On the third day of Mr Hamilton's libel action against the Harrods owner, Mr Al Fayed was accused by Desmond Browne, QC, for the former minister, of making up allegations as he went along. Mr Al Fayed, during cross-examination, challenged the Duke to sue him over allegations that he masterminded a plot to murder the Princess and Dodi Fayed.

He also repeated claims that Dominic Lawson, Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, is an MI6 agent.

Mr Browne said that, to give substance to his conspiracy theory over the Paris car crash that killed the couple, Mr Al Fayed had "quite falsely on a number of occasions" accused the Duke of Edinburgh of "masterminding" it.

Mr Browne: "Did you not say that Prince Philip had masterminded it because he has German blood and Nazi views?"

Mr Al Fayed: "I have the right to say what I feel . . . the Editor of The Sunday Telegraph definitely works for MI6 . . . his brother-in-law works for MI6 . . . these are the people who control democracy in this country. Let MI5 and MI6 sue me. Let Prince Philip sue me, then I will go through everything. They killed my son."

Mr Al Fayed denied that Henri Paul, the driver of the car in which the couple were killed, was drunk at the time of the crash.

Mr Browne: "He was three times over the French driving limit, was he not?"

Mr Al Fayed: "That is not true . . . his blood was changed in the mortuary, Henri Paul was on the MI6 files for three years."

Diana Documentary Raises New Crash Doubts.
Attorney General halts MI5 appearance.

A NEW documentary raises fresh doubts over
the crash that killed Diana , Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed.

Di's former lover James Hewitt claims he was approached by secret
agents prior to the crash telling him to stop seeing the Princess
or he would meet the same fate as a former bodyguard who died in
"mysterious circumstances".

The program claims there is new evidence regarding driver Henri Paul.
Substantial untraceable payments were made to Paul's account in the months
leading up to the crash. Unusually high levels of carbon monoxide were
found in his body. Blood samples taken from the dead Paul appeared to have
been tampered with claims the film.

An appearance in the documentary by MI5 man David Shayler has been withdrawn.
The Government's chief lawyer, The Attorney General, told ITV the programme's
broadcasters, that the scene had to go or they may have faced prosecution under
the Official Secrets Act.

Diana Investigation Leaks

LEAKS from the long investigation into the death of Princess Wales offer succour to both pro- and anti- conspiracy theorists, it has emerged.

Conspiracy theorists have often said that the Mercedes that carried Diana to her death last August had been tampered with. But details from a 500 page technical report into the crash car suggest there was nothing wrong with the car and that its speed at impact was 60 mph, not 120 mph as many earlier reports claimed.

But the police technicians do support suspicions about the involvement of a white Fiat Uno which, it says, collided with the Mercedes on entering a Paris road tunnel. Despite massive police efforts the Uno has never been found.