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Improper Handling Of SARS Cases Will Ensure Catastrophic Epidemic


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SARS Epidemic On The Horizon
The fact that health authorities around the world are handling SARS as if it were something that will pass, is the very behavior that will engrain this deadly wild-fire disease worldwide. We are on the edge of a global catastrophe and noone seems very concerned.
Shouldn't all flights in and out of all countries have been immediately suspended upon the first inkling of the deadliness of SARS? Why are we favoring economics over saving the lives of possibly millions of people? Isn't it just a matter of time (and not very long at that) before SARS is so far out of control that the world authorities will inevitably take these actions anyway? What are they waiting for? Even the least intelligent of people can see where this is headed? One has to ask if this is what they wish to have happen? Why else are they so lax about it? One might also ask if this is not a deliberate act of population control or biological weaponry experimentation! The timing is perfect for something like that .. wouldn't you say?
The outragously inadequate handling of this virus which apparently little is known about other than the fact that SARS is breaking all the traditional rules of infectious disease behavior, is ensuring a permanent place in the world for SARS and all it's unfathomable mutations. Considering that it is a retrovirus (which means the mode of transmission and behavior changes from year to year, and even from person to person) should be warning enough for the weakest minded president or prime minister to take serious and deliberate action NOW to stop it's spread. Simply handing out leaflets to travelers that suggests in the mildest terms that if one has symptoms he or she should voluntarlily quarantine him/herself is knowingly negligent. How could it be deemed anything else?
Already, as of yesterday CBC news has reported two cases of SARS in Victoria BC. In less than four weeks time SARS has migrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver Island? Are any steps being proactivley taken to stop it in it's tracks? No, there are none. Last time I checked...there were no flight cancellations from anywhere to anywhere.
Arlene Longson April 11/2003


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