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I-Spy Predictions


* Is it possible that the CIA placed the bottles of Ricin poison in the Paris train station locker to motivate Jacque Chirac to take terrorism more seriously?
* Iraq admission of possession of (WOMD) +  kicking out inspectors in 1991  +  refusing to prove destruction of (WOMD) in the absence of chem/bio stocks being found by U.S. on the ground in Iraq  =  proof of distribution of (WOMD) to terrorists. How then, can the U.S. administration live up to the two things americans demand as an outcome of this war?
Those two things are:

1.) proof of removal of Saddam Hussein.
2.) proof of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.
If the U.S. comes out of Iraq without the smoking gun the world wants, it does not mean Saddam did not have (WOMD). All it means is, the weapons he had are now distributed to terrorists.Of course the american public along with the majority of the world seem to believe that if Saddam had the weapons in 1991 and noone can find them now, it must mean Saddam never had (WOMD).
What are the chances of that? But get ready for the rhetoric and the calling down of president Bush. Saddam could end up smelling like a rose, albeit a dead one!
* Since When Have Brand New Virus Strains Ever Been Naturally Created In Hotel Rooms? - The world health organization is willing to say that this measle-like/pneumonia-type virus originated in people who stayed at the very same hong kong hotel. Looks like terrorism, walks like terrorism ..and definitely quacks like terrorism.
* Why Has North Korea Suddenly Fallen Silent? -  Because the U.S. scared the crap out of them with it's testing of it's new "mother of all bombs" (MOAB). The U.S. claimed it's testing of the MOAB was geared to show Saddam's army that it would be better for them to surrender than face that kind of technology on the battlefield. Everyone knows that those claims fly in the face of the fact that the U.S. adamantly stands by it's promise to create as few civilian casualties as possible. If these promises were from the heart, it is far more likely that the bomb testing was an indirect threat to North Korea to back off the rhetoric. Apparently it has worked so far. Have you heard anything from Korea since the detonation of the MOAB? I haven't! However there has been a noteable buildup of U.S. military ships and reconnaisance flights in and around the Korean Peninsula..wink ..wink!
* Will Turks Agree Then Double-Cross U.S. To Get At Their Own Arch Enemy, The kurds? - Turkey may be denying U.S. ground troups on it's southern border, only allowing overflights so as to leave the northern border of Iraq open for Turks to gain access to the kurds? What would the U.S. be able to legally do about it? They couldn't then bomb the turks for attacking Northern Iraq, afterall, the turks would be listed as allies in the war, due to their allowing of U.S. overflights. U.S. would have to stand by watching, and do nothing about it.
updated_001.gif As of March 21. the turks have crossed over into northern Iraq to form what they call a buffer zone along the border. The U.S. isn't impressed by it..but they have been authorized to engage in those over-flights in Turkey airspace, just like I predicted.
*   Surrendering Iraqi Soldiers Infected With Smallpox? - What better way for Saddam to make good on threats to attack the world?
*  U.S Plans To Spill War Into Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea? - Could that be the reason U.S. can't get France, Germany, Russia to cooperate? Do they fear a world-wide nuclear war?
*  Saddam Refuses To Show Destruction Of Bio-Weapons Because He Has Already Shipped Them To Terrorists - Is deadly botulinum toxin already being added to our food supply? Is that why U.S. is concerned over food processing plants that have a 1% inspection rate.

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