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Saddam Dead Or Alive After First Strike?


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Saddam Dead Or Alive After First Strike?
During the early morning hours of March 19/2003 in Baghdad U.S. forces launched at least 40 cruise missiles at what they called an Iraqi leadership target of opportunity, for which the U.S. claimed there was a very small window of time available in which to carry out that operation.
Soon afterward Saddam Hussein addressed the Iraqi people in a pre-written statement over the television waves. But, the physical differences, and mannerisms between the man who delivered the speech and the Saddam Hussein we recognize were not completely congruent. Many experts believe the man who claimed to be Saddam Hussein was in fact a body double.
If one looked closely at the face of the man delivering the speech it is quite clear that there are significant differences. The Saddam we've seen in recent weeks on video footage was of a man heavier in stature, darker in hair color, and more focused in the eyes. Also Saddam Hussein tends to be videotaped from a side profile point of view, whereas the man delivering the speech was shown from a "straight on" perspective. It is interesting to note that during many points in the speech there was apparent fear in the man's eyes. (when he looked toward the camera, which was rare). It was as if someone was standing over him. Was it Saddam Hussein's sons? Or is Saddam Hussein still alive and using his body doubles as bait!
Is Saddam Hussein dead? It is indeed very possible that he is dead and that Saddam's son's are now heading up the chair of power under the auspices of giving the illusion that their father is still running the show. This would need to be the case for the leadership to, in theory survive. Otherwise there would be kaos and civil upheaval.
Will we find out the truth soon? Or will the pentagon give false strategic information ? No doubt the pentagon will misinform the public as to the facts, for security reasons. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds!
c. Arlene Longson March 20/2003

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