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Saudi Arabia, The Head That Winks And Nods At Bin Laden?


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Is Saudi Arabia The Hand Which
Feeds Osama Bin Laden Activities?

Why did New York's former mayor Rudy Giuliani publically refuse to accept the seemingly kind donation of a cheque for ten million dollars from Saudi Arabian Prince Al-Walid bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz? Did New York's former mayor know that Saudi Arabia played a key role in the September 11th attacks on the world trade center?

What may have seemed like rudeness on the part of Rudy, may well have been his way of sending a direct message to everyone that Saudi Arabia is a two-faced monster!

Meridian's senior editor, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Jack Anderson says a world-class mastermind is behind the terrorist attacks and the design may be more sinister than we know.Jack Anderson lays out his ideas below, and says:

"Intelligence analysts say there is disturbing evidence that the kamikaze war against the United States is not the work of a wild group of terrorists, but the carefully calculated operation of some world class strategists who know exactly what they are doing. Much of our current hardship and future danger are now traceable to these invisible masterminds who are keeping their heads below the retaliation level."

"The terrorists comprise a far-flung, disjointed, unruly combination that operate in a subterranean world of murky half-light. The overwhelming evidence indicates that the terrorists would have a difficult time operating and coordinating any joint assault on the world's economic system."

"The rogue nations that support the terrorists are headed by radicals who rose on their own individual trajectory, and most of them came to power through various stages of street agitator, back alley conspirator, urban mob master, organizer of cabals, spinner of intrigues, and manipulator of religion. They are masters of slogans, using demagoguery to hold the many, terrorism and blackmail to intimidate the few. There seems to be a wild gene in their makeup that compels them to communicate with great posturings and braggadocio. They are not the kind of leaders who can be brought together behind a coordinated strategy."

"Who has the solid leadership to pull this operation off?
As the jigsaw pieces of this puzzle come to light, many of them point to Saudi Arabia which is probably the world's most cautious monarchy. As I rush to explain, let me stress that our intelligence has not developed a solid case against Saudi Arabia, that the ruling monarchy may be having as much trouble with some of their unruly subjects as we are having, that their own country is torn apart by feuding factions. But someone-- unfortunately we have not identified exactly who-is engaged in a remorseless, carefully calculated plan. It's ultimate goal is to destroy the free enterprise system."

"Step back and consider. The Saudis have acquired wealth without working. They have made enormous profits without producing. They have stockpiled all the latest technological equipment, and they still have no technology.
They have trillions of dollars in the bank, but control no capital. They have never demonstrated the capacity to convert their vast wealth into real power. At the slightest scowl from Uncle Sam they sign any agreement, make any deal to assure Washington that they are on our side."

"But there is evidence that someone, probably in Saudi Arabia, is guiding the terrorists who resist any guidance, that the attack on the United States was a calculated catastrophe, that it was intended to spread economic devastation that would threaten the basic cohesion of the West. The Arab world-and particularly the Saudi's-are still inherently fearful, weak and helpless, afraid of Iran at the top of the Persian Gulf, powerless before Israel and totally dependent on the West for defense."

"Yet some of the evidence suggest that the great appeasers are secretly directing the assault upon the free enterprise system, and therefore the attack on the United States which drives the free enterprise system. Intelligence sources suggests that they had hoped the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon would derail the free enterprise system causing incalculable misery and mischief. This is why the World Trade Center was the number one target as it had been once before."

"Washington's leaders are having trouble acknowledging that they could have misjudged their Saudi friends. They find it less demeaning to be victims of predestination rather than folly, less embarrassing if our poor preparation was dictated by geology or history rather than self-inflicted by our own leaders. They prefer to think their misjudgments
were not a blind yielding to economic aggression, but an unforeseen vulnerability in the face of fanatic terror."

"These aggressors represent the world's puniest regimes assailing the world's greatest combination of power. Because they know its hazards, they are proceeding with a small nation's caution. They follow a pattern of selective prudence and maintain an invisibility beyond anything our stealth technology can produce."

"But it is at least significant that Osama bin Laden is a Saudi, and though he is supposedly exiled by the monarchy and blackballed by his own family, intelligence reports suggest this arrangement may not be entirely what it seems. His family is one of the ruling and more prosperous clans, entrenched in the Saudi hierachy, and he may be getting surreptitious support from them."

"They have succeeded in causing the greatest transfer of wealth from one group of nations to another in human history. For the first time, the small weak nations have looted the great and powerful. The Saudis are the powers behind the oil cartels. They have gotten away with controlling the price of the world's fourth most needed element after air, water, and food which is, of course, energy which is primarily produced by oil."

"Obviously the OPEC nations cannot continue indefinitely to suck dry the world's oil wells. It takes nature much longer to produce a barrel of oil than it takes mankind to burn it. Yet at this point in history, the oil reserves are continuing to grow faster than the oil consumption. Picture these reserves as a great underground black ocean. This ocean has increased in size every year since the first oil was discovered, yet the oil cartel speared by the Arab oil sheikdoms has manipulated prices and squeezed all the blood they can get out of the oil-consuming countries."

"Oil in the 1970's which could be produced for $1.25 was pumped up to $44 dollars a barrel. It has settled back down to a lower price, but the fat is still there. It is the source of a staggering profit for the oil-producers, even though there was oil supplies ample to every need and available at little more than $1 a barrel."

"This system has worked so well and enriched the Saudis so greatly that they would like to install the same system to control other industries--with themselves doing the controlling. While destroying the free enterprise system may work to their great disadvantage in the short run, they see long-term benefits. They have ties to the West, but in their heart of hearts, their yearnings and their boasts exceed their ability to produce."

"No Saudi leaders are likely to step forth and confess to this conspiracy. And our own political leaders are too close to the Saudis even to suggest it, yet the World Trade Center was attacked."

This statement is definitely something to consider when thinking about President Bush's demanding attitude that the U.S. find it's own sources of energy. Bush may want to sever ties with Saudi Arabia in order to deal head on with their involvement in terrorist support, namely one Osama Bin Laden. Though the Saudi's make claims that Bin Laden has been stripped of his Saudi citizenship, could there be a concerted effort between Bin laden and the monarchy to work quietly together to strip the world of it's freedom? 

Arlene Longson 2002

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