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U.S. Seeks Military Dominance In Outer Space


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U.S. Seeking Military
Domination In Outer Space

Is the United States preparing for war in space? Are they looking for space superiority to claim domination over the world? Will the U.S. then be in a position to give orders to all other countries, and not take no for an answer on anything?

As it is, the U.S. can track anyone almost anywhere with it's satelite technology. Soon after the September 11th attacks on the world trade center, CNN reported the launch of a new U.S. spy satelite which is apparently of a new breed in technology.Little has been revealed about it's intended use.

In recently declassified documents General Ralph E. Eberhart, Commander and chief of the North American Aerospace Defense Command spoke before the United States Armed Services Committee July 11th 2001.
He reported that USSPACECOM was estabished in 1985, is charged with the missions of space support, force enhancement, space control, planning for force application, and most recently, computer network defense (CND), and computer network attack (CNA).

Excerpts from his statement read as follows:

"Ten years after the Gulf war we see the huge advantage that space brings to our war fighting capabilities. Our efforts to "operationalize" space have enabled us to move "time critical" information to frontline commanders and troops in the field.

These efforts were crucial to our success during U.S. and allied air operations over Serbia.

Space based capabilities have become an integral part of our american military operations.As our reliance on space increases, we believe more attention should
be devoted to protecting our access to, and use of, space.

In s similar way we must protect our critical information infrastructure to assure information superiority, and develop appropriate strategies to exploit the vulnerablities of our adversaries' space and computer
network capabilities.

To meet the unique challenges of our evolving national security, we must remain the world leader in space and computer network operations.

Our force enhancement efforts over the last decade have helped us"operationalize" space.
We appreciate congress continued support in sustaining and modernizing this national resource.

Arlene Longson 2002

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