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Gary Condit Intelligence Committee Seat


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Gary Condit Intelligence Committee Seat
Connected To Murder Of Chandra Levy?

Is it a coincidence that Gary Condit's sweetheart goes missing just before the terrorist attacks of Septmeber 11th 2001? Does the fact that Chandra Levy was jewish and had recently returned from a trip to the middle east have some connection? Had Chandra opened her mouth to the wrong person about her affair with Condit, and become a target?

Is it possible that Al Queda operatives in the U.S. were putting pressure on Condit to reveal top secret information related to his seat on the intelligence committee?

Was Condit being blackmailed for this information? Is it possible that previous threats against Condit's family had yielded nothing in the way of the information the terrorists wanted, so they drove the point home by killing his mistress to demonstrate how serious they were about threatening his family?

Once Chandra had disappeared, was it then that he was afraid for his family and finally coughed up the secrets the terrorists wanted? Did the information he gave fascilitate September 11th? And is this the reason why Gary Condit appeared to know more than he was letting on, yet didn't seem to be directly involved?

Is it possible that Condit did not kill Chandra, but indeed did know what happened to her?
And if he did know, is it any wonder he refuses to talk?

Since September 11th Condit has scored an appointment to the new Homeland Security Subcommittee of the House Intelligence Committee. Are you comfortable with that? 

 Arlene Longson 2002

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