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Is Saddam Hussein Guarding A Nuclear Weapon?


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What Did Saddam Mean By His Statement "Your Families Will Weep Tears Of Blood"?
Yesterday U.S. president Bush told Saddam Hussein he had just 48 hours to pack his bags and leave Baghdad.  Today Saddam laughed and rejected Bush's demand, and lashed out at him by calling him and idiot and saying "The families of all those who attack Iraq will weep tears of blood". What exactly did Saddam mean by that statement? As bad as it is to say, it would be best if Saddam was talking about Ebola virus!
Is it possible that president Bush and a chosen few other countries have knowledge that Saddam Hussein possesses at least one nuclear weapon?
Is this why Bush is so intent on going into Iraq and overthrowing Saddam? Is this also why he doesn't fess up to the world what he knows? Would Saddam unleash his ferocity if he knew GW knew about it? Could this also be why France, Germany, and Russia are so hell-bent on not going into Iraq? Is this the evidence president Bush has that he cannot share with the public and is it why he is so willing to go in no matter what the risk to all of us? Why else would he disregard the world's desire not to go to war, and risk his own political career; not to mention the risk of a world war?
Arlene Longson March 18/2003

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