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Saddam's Wicked Environmental Intentions


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Saddam Hussein's Wicked Environmental Intentions

Saddam's government has already inflicted massive damage on Iraq's marshlands by inserting more than 30 dams along the rivers and draining much of their flow.

Oil spills or fallout from a chemical weapon could enter one of Iraq's rivers and infect these vital resources. Tainted water in the Tigris or Euphrates could then end up in the Gulf, where currents would spread the pollution ever further.

At stake are Iraq's fisheries and an already hurting bird population. Waders and waterbirds will be particularly at risk from oil spils because Iraq is at the northern end of the Arabian Gulf (another name for the Persian Gulf), which is one of the top five sites in the world for wintering water birds and a key refueling area for hundreds of thousands of migratory waterbirds during the spring and autumn period.

Among the threatened species are wading birds like the sacred Ibis and the Goliath Heron, as well as at least 66 species of wintering birds, including the Iraq Babbler and Dalmatian Pelican. Marshland animals like the Smooth-Coated Otter could also be destroyed. These animals will likely suffer untold torture, just like Saddam's own people have and will again if he is not removed from power immediately.

And what about the affects on the rest of the world environment? The oceans in particular cannot take much more stress than they are already under. Our wonky global weather has been traced to a problem in the oceans, not to mention the green house affect. Future catastrophes of gargantuan proportions loom on the horizon for all of us. And the eyes continue to remain blind to the problem.

One has to ask the questions:

1. When the U.S. government knows full well that it is extremely probable that Saddam Hussein has actually been planning such disasters for decades, why must diplomacy be mulled around and timelines given for Saddam to get out of town?

They are giving him time to plan, setup, and execute his evil will across borders and into neighboring countries. For months intelligence has shown that Saddam is wiring nearly a thousand oil wells to explode if Iraq is invaded. And he is rigging chemical weapons along the borders of Kuwait. Preventative measures should have been taken.

2. Why was Saddam Hussein allowed to exist and continue his evil planning after the weapons inspectors were thrown out back in 1991? What were they thinking of? What is wrong with the U.N.? Why did the U.S. turn it's back on the problem for 12 long years?

It is no secret that x president Bush senior left the job undone, but you won't see his son; current president G.W. Bush bash him for it, and that is where the gap of information lurks. If the president who left Saddam alone had been anyone other than Bush junior's own daddy he would have bashed him til the cows came home. As it sits with the current lack of explanations being given to the public on the matter, people are confused and mostly forget the reason Bush is going into Iraq; and that reason finish off the job his father did not!Say it George..just come right out and say it!

c. Arlene Longson March 17/2003


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