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President Bush & Saddam Hussein's Dirty Little Secret


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Saddam Hussein Has President Bush Over A Barrel
- And We Don't Mean Oil!
Exactly what did Saddam Hussein mean when he demanded that the president of the United States show his proof of Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)?
President Bush's evidence against Saddam Hussein comes in the form of gulf war illness; the syndrome suffered by tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel who participated in the war against Iraq 12 years ago.
The U.S. government has continually and vigorously denied claims that Saddam Hussein unleashed chemical and biological weapons on U.S. servicemen and women during the war.
The U.S. government and Saddam Hussein both know the truth. Saddam and Bush both know that Iraq unleashed the weapons against the U.S. military. Saddam knows Bush is denying it so as not to have to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in health and disability claims to the veterans and their families. Bush knows that Saddam knows he is hiding knowledge of the facts.
President Bush bites his tongue every time Saddam dares him to prove his case against Iraq. Bush's evidence against Saddam are the victims themselves, and he cannot admit gulf war syndrome exists, because if he does it is a self incrimination that he knew the truth all along and has been holding back compensation to those afflicted and dying from mysterious illnesses.
The more Saddam taunts Bush, the angrier he gets! One might well imagine the laughing going on and the Cuban rum being sloshed around, and Fidel's famous cigars being puffed on in Iraq, as Saddam gloats over having Bush over a barrel!
Arlene Longson March 14/2003

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