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Al Queda On The Loose In Canada


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U.S. And Canadian Authorities Frantic Search
For Al Queda Terrorists Last Seen In Montreal

The manhunt is on for Al Queda across Canada.
Canadian authorities working in conjunction with U.S. attorney general John Ashcroft have discovered the last known whereabouts of at least two Bin Laden operatives in the Montreal Canada area.

The U.S. military Bombed the hideout of, and killed Bin Laden's right hand military chief, Mohamed Atif in Kabul Afghanistan in November.

Videotape of the five terrorists announcing their intentions of martyrdom was found in his home.

Al Rauf Bin, Al Habib Bin, Yousef Al-Jiddi, and Faker Boussora, are believed to be somewhere in Canada. The videotape showed these men holding assault rifles and pledging martyrdom.

Witnesses also claim to have seen Mohamed Atta, the man at the helm of the U.S. world trade center attack in Canada at some point with these men.Atta died during the attacks.

The men are considered extrememly dangerous, and it is possible that they could be anywhere in Canada. It is possible that they have already made it into the U.S., but it is also very likely that they are hiding somewhere in Canada, preparing for an attack of an unknown nature.
Attorney General John Ashcroft has placed this on the list of grave concerns.But as usual, you won't hear much about the "Canada Connection" on CNN, or any other U.S. news stations.

By A. Longson

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