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Suspicious White Powder Found At CFB Comox


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Canadian Forces Base Comox Undergoes Decontamination
After Suspicious White Powder Found

A suspicious bag of white powder has been found in a CFB Comox building which hasn't been frequented for sometime. The military took quick action to decontaminate personel who came into contact with the substance. Personel were sent to hospital for evaluation. Even though the substance has not yet been identified, information released to the public claims that the substance is not harmful.
This quick action to contain possible terrorism stands in stark contrast to the blatant lack of response local citizens have experienced when complaining to RCMP about similar incidences.
It is little comfort to most to know that the military is taken seriously and safe from terrorism when the individual person receives the brush off when confronted with equally distressing occurences!
Arlene Longson
February 24/2002

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