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Terrorists Unleash Flesh Eating Bacteria On Vancouver Island?


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Terrorists Unleash Flesh Eating Bacteria
On Vancouver Island?
Are terrorists using Vancouver Island, Canada as their staging ground in a mock exercise before they unleash Necrotizing Fasciitis on their arch enemy, the United States?
Vancouver Island is experiencing an unusually high number of cases of what is known as "Flesh Eating Disease". Several people have died, and dozens have had limb amputations as a result in recent weeks. Is it possible that Canadian Health authorities are withholding information from the public, while they covertly look into the possibility?
Necrotizing fasciitis (neck-roe-tie-zing fa-shee-eye-tis) spreads through human tissue (flesh), destroying it at a rate of almost three centimetres per hour. In some cases death can occur within 18 hours. The bacteria spread along the layers of fascia tissue that surround muscle at an incredible rate,and can kill it's victims much faster than anthrax. Streptococcus A is also much more readily available in the envioronment, and easier to culture and handle than anthrax.
Necrotizing fasciitis is caused by a number of different bacteria; one of them is the Group A streptococcus. These bacteria also cause sore or strep throat, scarlet fever, impetigo, and rheumatic fever.
Many scientists believe the bacteria makes proteins that
destroy body tissue directly, as well as causing the body's
immune system to destroy its own tissue while fighting the bacteria,
and there is no vaccine to prevent Group A streptococcal infections.
Your chances of getting necrotizing fasciitis caused by
Group A streptococus are supposedly very low. In B.C., about 2 or 3 persons out of 1 million persons get it per year. So why have at least 30 people on Vancouver Island come down with the disease in recent weeks?
When asked if there could be a terrorist link to the "Streptococcus A" outbreak on Vancouver Island,a media relations woman at Health Canada referring to her name as simply, "Page" asked if she could get back with the information at a later time. At the time of this publication she had not attempted to conact I-Spy-Online!
During a January 23rd 2002 interview with RCMP regarding their lack of protocol for handling suspicious packages and mail, one officer was asked if he thought the Necrotizing Fasciitis outbreak on Vancouver Island was strange; he said. " I know where you're going with this, and I can't comment."

By A. Longson

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