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Has Al Queda Escaped To Canadian Caves?


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Has Al Queda Escaped To Rugged Mountains
And Cave Systems Of British Columbia?


One Of Vancouver Island's Many Caves.

Is It Possible That Al Queda Is Utilizing Caves In British Columbia for it's terrorist planning headquarters?
At first glance the idea seems laughable. Why on earth would Osama Bin laden run to B.C.?

But with the previously lax Canada/U.S. border security, is it crazy to wonder if Osama Bin Laden or his Al Queda operatives could have escaped through British Columbia's porous and unprotected borders long before the September 11th attacks on the world trade center?

The mountains of B.C. Canada, and Montana U.S.A. are the only places on earth geographically nearly identical to that of Bora Bora, Afghanistan, where Osama Bin Laden is known to have set up house. Vancouver Island alone touts a whopping 200 known surveyed caves. Local cave experts believe there is the real possibility of over 2000 yet undiscovered caves.

B.C.'s quiet, unassuming, yet rugged terrain with it's many cave systems and low border security, suggest the possibility that Al Queda would at the very least evaluate the area for it's potential. Some would say we would be fools at best not to at least consider the possibility that terrorist cells may be operating in B.C., providing their U.S. Al Queda counterparts with supplies, or a base from which to unsuspectingly plan their deeds !

Osama Bin Laden has had over a decade to ponder what seems to have become the ultimate chess game. A game for which he has demonstrated a clear intellectual advantage.
Suspicions that Bin Laden has suffered a fatal bout with kidney failure could well be a red herring to distract and confuse efforts to track down the world's most wanted man, while he prepares for yet another attack.

By: Arlene Longson

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