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Too Late To Stop World War 3?


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Running Start To WW3?

This is what we're staring in the face right now!
~ The U.S. led coalition has stopped and not moved from it's position
50 or so miles outside of Baghdad. Rhetoric and excuses flying
everywhere as to why.
~ Iraq launches a Chinese silkworm missile,a missile it is not
supposed to have;shocking the world.
~ The U.S. is threatening Russia by a not so thinly veiled proxy to
Syria regarding it's sale of night vision goggles, radar jammers,
and tank missiles. Russia denies involvment.
~ The U.S. (Donald Rumsfeld) blatantly threatens Syria, Iran, and
Turkey warning them to stay put and uninvolved; telling them that
if any troops cross the border they will be considered to be combatants.
~ The French are intercepting encrypted U.S. messages.
~ Russia is showing troop movements not seen before and is preparing to
send it's military into Iraq to protect it's huge oil contracts there.
Is this the reason why the war has almost come to a standstill?

Are China, Russia, and France forming their own coalition to prevent
the U.S. from dominating the oil in the middle east?
Is this a rolling start to WW3?
Arlene Longson March 27/2003


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