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U.S. Media Embeds Working As Part Of The Military Force?


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U.S. Media Imbeds Working With The Military?
While the world is diligently following unprecidented news coverage of the war in Iraq, are they being led down the garden path of dishonesty? With each live action scene unfolding on CNN and other news stations, is Iraq being spoon-fed a keg of lies and misdirection? While we are enjoying play-by-play events on TV, are we watching fiction sci-fi? Is it even possible that POW stories and friendly fire incidents are fictitious?
Why else would the government allow news media to reveal so many details in real-time to the public? And why else would the coalition forces not take out Iraqi communications? It is standard procedure to knock out communication installations right off the bat in such a conflict.
Is it possible that the situation between Turkey and the U.S. is also a pack of lies? Could it be part and parcel of a wide campaign to cause the Iraqi's to feel there is no force in northern Iraq? There are some 40,000 Turkish troops aligned along the northern border of Iraq which are supposedly there against U.S. wishes? Is there an attempt to give an appearance that the Turks are acting on their own to cause Saddam's republican guard to reduce it's vigilance in that zone of the country? And, is the final showdown going to take place on the Turkish/Iraqi Border? Will Saddam attempt to flee through what he perceives to be a porous and militarily soft area?
Arlene Longson March 25/2003


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