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Bin Laden And/Or Son's Captured - Or Not?


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Osama Bin Laden And'Or Sons' Captured - Or Not?
The information clearing house reported today that Osama Bin Laden and/or possibly his son were arrested near Shamshi airport near the Pak- Afghan border areas, sources said.
They maintained that at least one "very important" Al-Qaeda man (who may be Osama Bin Laden or his son) was also among the detainees.
The sources suggested that the operation near Chaghi could well be the follow up of reports that arrested Al-Qaeda suspect Sheikh Khalid Mohammed had told investigators about the whereabouts of Osama.
The detained suspect had reportedly told the investigators that Osama had met him in mountainous regions of frontier areas near Balochistan.

ICH said that Sheikh Khalid along with two other suspects was arrested from Rawalpindi.They went on to add that information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed showed ignorance about the incident.
ICH also said that the religious parties in Pakistan, already not happy about the
possibility of US attack on Iraq, have shown strong reaction to the arrest of Sheikh Khalid Mohammed and others.
The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal led by Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani vows to fight the "aggressor" US until the end.
I-Spy-Online theorizes that this story may well be true, even though CNN squashed the story at it's first mention. Could this be because President Bush knows that news of Bin Laden's capture would rock the world? Is it the plan of the U.S. administration to keep it quiet until after they move into Iraq?
We all remember how angry the U.S. government was when the capture of Osama's number 3 man was announced before the U.S. could line up it's ducks quietly and capture more Al Queda terrorists before they were tipped off? Was this a case of news leaking out of one side of the mouth while zipping up the other side?
Arlene Longson March 06/2003

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