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Michael Dunahee Abducted By Satanic Cult?


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Michael Dunahee

Was Michael Dunahee Abducted By A Satanic Cult?

Publicly, all the R.C.M.P. will say is that they have little or no concrete idea as to what happened to the 4 year old boy in 1991, when he vanished without a trace from Blanshard Park in Victoria B.C. while his parents played a game of touch football nearby.

During a re-enactment of the day he disappeared, witnesses noticed that an unidentified brown van present in the parking lot on that fateful day failed to participate.The van has never been found.A desperate international search that continued for years has turned up no clues.

When asked, R.C.M.P. downplay the possibilty of any connection to the boy's disappearance and the fact that he vanished on Palm Sunday, seven days before Easter, and seven streets away from Easter street, in the city known to be the satanic cult capital of the world, second only to Geneve Switzerland.

R.C.M.P. also publicly refuse to address the possibilty that Michael Dunahee's disappearance has any relationship to the true life book "Michelle Remembers" authored by Dr. Joseph Pazdor, a Victoria psychologist. Dr. Pazdor has said that he believes there is indeed a connection, and that he himself is working on that theory as possible subject matter for a future book.

Michelle is a woman who's mother many years ago offered her up to a satanic cult in Victoria as a personal sacrifice, to be ritualized for years,and prepared for the "feast of the beast".

After years of living in a dirt cage and suffering unspeakable torture, the cult returned her to her mother and told her to take back her unworthy daughter and not to return to them until she could bring a dutiful son.
To this day Michelle continues to undergo intense psychological therapy from Joseph Pazder.

R.C.M.P. shrug off the similarity between the names Michelle and Michael, and the fact that Michael was also the name of the archangel who threw satan out of heaven,
also a point of counter ritual for satanists.

Is it reasonable that the R.C.M.P. downplay any possibility that Michael was abducted by a satanic cult because of the fact that the feast of the beast occurs every 25 years, and because if he was a victim of this crime he could still be alive undergoing preparations for such an event?

The R.C.M.P will not speak pubicly on the matter. This may be due to fears that it would alert the cult to their investigations, and panic the naive public to learn that their children are at risk.

By: Arlene Longson

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